Dark glasses and kindergarten.

I was sitting talking to my husband at the kitchen counter. The night before I had gone to a school opening and the sheet of paper with what was expected of my daughter by the time she started Kindergarten was on the counter, so too was a pencil. I can’t sit any where without doodling especially if there is paper and a pencil right there in front of me! So we chatted and I doodled. As with most all of my doodles there was no structure or specific thought to any of these people except for the lady in the hat and dark glasses top middle. After I had drawn the smaller version below I explored it for a second longer, I might explore some more.

doodle 2:14:19.jpg

Conference call

I was on a conference call with clients in Europe yesterday. Although they are useful for fine tuning projects and we got a lot sorted out they make me very anxious, I don’t enjoy them. I doodle a lot when on them. This was yesterdays doodle.