A couple of months ago I started a project protesting the separation of children and parents at the border.  My protest is one as a mother. I have two small children and the thought of them being taken is, like every parent, my worst nightmare and yet this actually happened to thousands of parents and children. I couldn’t do nothing, I couldn’t say oh my gosh this is awful and then just carry on with what I was doing. I had to find a way to try and protest this awful policy. But I want to be clear that this is not a political stance, in fact I hope it can help unite Americans as this is neither a Republican or Democratic voice it is simply one of a concerned mother, of which there are plenty on both sides. So I started a painting where every day I drew 30 of the nearly 3000 children that were separated. I have drawn roughly 1500 or so of them now and will carry on until I have finished.  I upload my progress daily to the instagram account @2000taken and include stories of love from the experiences I have with my children and also other peoples experiences with their children. It helps to keep the kids separated human, not just a policy.  


The Rossi's

A quick sketch of The Rossi's while waiting to pick up DD from school. I was sitting at one of the little kids tables and a girl gave me some rough paper as a present. There was a cup of pencils close by and I quickly sketched on it what we would look like in about 3 years time! 


Frankie and Dotti

There are a few things going on here, but it was the way that Dotti looked at Frankie, while they walked, that I liked. I'm not sure what that funny looking animal is really suppose to be? Im thinking most likely a dog that Frankie might have been walking but that looks like it was clearly discarded with after it came out looking like a badly drawn lamb...



You can hold my hand... This wouldn't have been intentionally drawn like this. I drew one and then the other and half way thru the second figure being drawn I would have seen he was or maybe she was wanting to hold the others hand... This was a doodle while I was building my website, the writing to the right was for the info below the photos.

doodle5post copy.jpg