Jar capped soliders and pilfering nuns

I was drawing an idea for a painting after being inspired by a Jean Gaumy photo. I’m researching material for a class I am teaching at RISD this month. I don’t like being on the computer this much and often turn away to doodle. I started drawing glass jars, most likely because we have a lot of glass jars here right now after my mums recent experiments into home made kimchi. Delicious but too hot n too salty. I gave the small glass jar a bill, it made a hat. I gave the hat a person. He kind of looks like a solider. I then practiced drawing two nuns for another drawing idea I have which I got from a newspaper headline. Frankie then ran in and did her own scribbly doodle. Later on in the evening I needed to add some writing to an old photo I am putting up of actress Paz de la Huerta.


Jars can be hats. Snow globes.

This cap started off as the top of a jar. It makes me think of that Charlotte Rampling film "the night porter".   I have been doodling a lot of jars recently. I was also practicing my hand writing for the business card I'm half heartedly trying to design... also some snow globes messily drawn, I was trying to fit snow globe into a sentence.