Dark glasses and kindergarten.

I was sitting talking to my husband at the kitchen counter. The night before I had gone to a school opening and the sheet of paper with what was expected of my daughter by the time she started Kindergarten was on the counter, so too was a pencil. I can’t sit any where without doodling especially if there is paper and a pencil right there in front of me! So we chatted and I doodled. As with most all of my doodles there was no structure or specific thought to any of these people except for the lady in the hat and dark glasses top middle. After I had drawn the smaller version below I explored it for a second longer, I might explore some more.

doodle 2:14:19.jpg

Jar capped soliders and pilfering nuns

I was drawing an idea for a painting after being inspired by a Jean Gaumy photo. I’m researching material for a class I am teaching at RISD this month. I don’t like being on the computer this much and often turn away to doodle. I started drawing glass jars, most likely because we have a lot of glass jars here right now after my mums recent experiments into home made kimchi. Delicious but too hot n too salty. I gave the small glass jar a bill, it made a hat. I gave the hat a person. He kind of looks like a solider. I then practiced drawing two nuns for another drawing idea I have which I got from a newspaper headline. Frankie then ran in and did her own scribbly doodle. Later on in the evening I needed to add some writing to an old photo I am putting up of actress Paz de la Huerta.


Breakfast drawing with farts and poo's.

After breakfast each morning the girls draw or paint before we get dressed for school. This morning was no different except that I decided we could all have a day home from school so there was no rushing upstairs to get dressed. Instead I joined them at the table to draw. The first words that came into my head were “ sugar they say” which got me thinking about teeth and braces. Half way through Frankie did a really smelly poo in her diaper, like the kind that makes you pull one those grossed out faces and exclaim, “oh man that is bad!” DD asked me to draw a poo which I did but she said it looked like ice cream so I tried again and realized it still looked like ice cream so made it into an ice cream cone. DD then did a loud fart so I drew that as well. She thought that was hilarious!


Learning to fly while cooking beans

I was in the kitchen sautéing some beans in garlic and herbs, they needed a moment to sizzle away. I felt the familiar pull of the pencil, the tingle in my fingers signaling they needed/wanted to draw. So I grabbed the nearest piece of paper that happened to be a large envelope I had yet to open and a pencil from the broken, I heart NY, mug that holds all the easy to get when you need a pencil or pen. I had decluttered it on new years day making sure that all pencils in there were sharpened and all pens worked. Those that didn’t were thrown. I dunno about you but it’s so annoying when you are on the phone and need a pen quickly to jot down something and none of them work. Now they all work and are ready. So I sat down and the boy in the striped sweater joined my followed by “ Come fly with me, he said, so I did and we fell off a cliff.” Those were the words that popped into my head and these were the three doodles that came with it.