Jars can be hats. Snow globes.

This cap started off as the top of a jar. It makes me think of that Charlotte Rampling film "the night porter".   I have been doodling a lot of jars recently. I was also practicing my hand writing for the business card I'm half heartedly trying to design... also some snow globes messily drawn, I was trying to fit snow globe into a sentence.



Drawing hair is quite hard. I often just let it turn out just the way the pencil so decides it should as I am drawing it. But some times a project has hair that needs to be a certain way so I can't leave it up to the ways of the pencil. I love messy ponytails, in real life and on paper.  They are hard to draw but most likely with time and practice it will become easier.


Frankie and Dotti

There are a few things going on here, but it was the way that Dotti looked at Frankie, while they walked, that I liked. I'm not sure what that funny looking animal is really suppose to be? Im thinking most likely a dog that Frankie might have been walking but that looks like it was clearly discarded with after it came out looking like a badly drawn lamb...



You can hold my hand... This wouldn't have been intentionally drawn like this. I drew one and then the other and half way thru the second figure being drawn I would have seen he was or maybe she was wanting to hold the others hand... This was a doodle while I was building my website, the writing to the right was for the info below the photos.

doodle5post copy.jpg

Cross Triplets

I doodled these 3.5 kids while making this website.  No thought no rhyme nor reason why they stand there hands on hips scolding us. Maybe I received a phone call and doodled them subconsciously.  One of them now has a small soup stain on them so perhaps has every right to be looking at me/us with distain!