Buckets at The Mark

I was shooting a story for Bergdorf Goodman at The Mark hotel in NYC. We set up base camp in a $75,000 a night suite that, in all honesty, while big and sleek was nothing special. So much beige and brown. The food however was good and their lobby is magnificent, I have always wanted to shoot there because of the lobby. The balcony was lovely too. The shoot went awesome, we shot all around the neighborhood, in the lobby and a couple in the suite. We edited as we went along and at the end of the day picked our faves, putting them all up together on the screen to see how they worked as a story. As we waited for photos to load I drew this person, the shoe ended up looking weird so it became a bucket that said foot was in… Meanwhile downstairs the paparazzi were hounding hotel guests that were checking in for the impending Met Gala, or so I heard.